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Wera Kraftform Kompakt 7 piece quick change VDE screwdriver set including wallet.
Slot and Pozi set. Model: 003472.This is Wera's inter-changeable VDE set and is designed with the professional in mind. Perfect for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial electrical work. Features on the item: The set includes:For safe work around live voltage - Compact, versatile, secure 1 x Kraftform® handle 817 VDE for Wera inter-changeable blades All inter-changeable screwdriver attachments are model: kk 60i1 x slot 5.5mm x 1.0mm1 x slot 4.0mm x 0.8mm1 x slot 3.5mm x 0.6mm1 x slot 2.5mm x 0.4mm1 x pozi PZ11 x pozi PZ2 VDE blades are 154 mm long 1000 Volt C All the blades and handle come fitted in a Wera storage wallet Its designed for easy access to all the parts and can either be carried or it has a handy belt loop on the back, maximum belt width 2"Full guarantee from Wera Tools